BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: The March Newsletter is now available to view in the Newsletter section. World Book Day is on Thursday 7th March and Comic Relief non uniform day is on Friday 15th March. If in doubt over any dates, please don't ask your What's App group, just contact school and we will give you the correct information.
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Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

Learning Together

School Prayers

 Our School Prayer

 This is our school. Let peace dwell here. Let each room be full of contentment.

Let love abide here: Love of one another, love of mankind,

Love of life itself and Love of God. Let us remember, that as many hands build a house

So many hearts make a school.  Amen

Our Governor Prayer


God our Father, Sovereign Lord of all Creation.

We seek your blessing and support in all the responsibilities we bear as Governors of this school.


May we reach our decisions prompted by a desire to serve.

May your Spirit grant us wisdom and understanding to further the Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical development of all pupils entrusted to our care by their Parents. For reverence and appreciation of the talents possessed by our teachers and the many forms of support provided by our non-teaching staff.


May every decision we make and every obligation we fulfil be for Your Honour and Glory

and for the vision of Your Son both in us and in our School.


Keep the pupils and staff and all associated with our School free from every harm, so that the purpose of our School may flourish for the good of all, the growth of Your Kingdom here and its fulfilment hereafter.


We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.



Our Staff Prayer

God our Father,

As we meet to talk and plan, we ask you to guide us.

Help us to work together to provide a place of learning that fulfils your vision for our school.

In Jesus’ name, Amen