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Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

Learning Together

MFL in KS1

Children in Key Stage 1 have the opportunity to attend French Club which is held every week for children in Year 1 and 2.


In these informal sessions, children learn to ask and answer questions relating to their name, age, where they live and how they are feeling. They learn to count up to at least 10 and they learn the months of the year, relating to when their birthday is. 


They explore colours, often selecting fruit pieces, or sweets, depending on the colour stated.  They learn informally, through such activities, the language convention of saying the adjective after the noun in French, which they can compare with English word order.


The children learn a lot of songs as a vehicle for gaining vocabulary and as a way of encouraging confidence to participate in the sessions, including singing a special version of Happy Birthday to celebrate one another's special day. They also enjoy learning to sing such songs which teach the days of the week, months of the year or parts of the body. 


The children also play games which generate enthusiasm and are aimed at fostering a curiosity and a delight in learning a new language, as well as preparing children for more formal language learning in KS2.