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Guidance on Snacks and Lunchboxes



Please note that all infant pupils have access to a free piece of fruit each day. If your child does not want the piece of fruit provided by the school each day, they may bring in their own healthy food. But please be aware that at Mellor St Mary we are proud to be identified as being a `Healthy School’ that is committed to healthier living and learning, and that we follow the guidelines provided by the School Food Trust.


The School Food Trust suggest that healthy snacks could include:

• Fresh fruit •

Dried fruit without added fat, sugar or salt (e.g. apricots, sultanas, raisins, dates)

• Vegetables (raw such as carrots, peppers, cucumber or celery)


The guidance states that the following foods do not meet government standards:

• Dried fruit or vegetables with added fat, sugar or salt.

• Cereal bars

Processed fruit bars

Any type of confectionery e.g. chocolate products, sweets

• Crisps and crisp like products e.g. tortilla chips, potato sticks, puffs, crackers, corn chips, prawn crackers, potato wafers

• Japanese rice crackers

• Pretzels

• Bombay mix

• Nuts with added salt and/or sugar

• Cakes, buns, pastries

• Biscuits include all types: sweet biscuits: digestive, rich tea, ginger nuts, flapjacks, shortbread, wafer.


We do allow some types of savoury biscuits: cream crackers, breadsticks, oatcakes, matzos as long as they do not contain nuts.


In addition the guidance notes that the following drinks should not be brought into school for break times:

• Flavoured water

• Squash/Cordial

• Soft drinks including fizzy drinks

• Flavoured Milk