BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: From Monday 22nd June, School will be open for EYFS, Year 6 and key worker / valuable children only. We will continue to support remote learning with all other chlidren who are not returning through the school website and Google Classroom. Please contact the school office if you have any questions or queries: 01254 812581 or email
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Class 3

Fishkeeper Fry

Fishkeeper Fry 1
Fishkeeper Fry 2
Fishkeeper Fry 3
Fishkeeper Fry 4
Fishkeeper Fry 5
Fishkeeper Fry 6
Fishkeeper Fry 7
Fishkeeper Fry 8
Fishkeeper Fry 9
Fishkeeper Fry 10
Fishkeeper Fry 11
Fishkeeper Fry 12
Fishkeeper Fry 13
Fishkeeper Fry 14
Fishkeeper Fry 15
Fishkeeper Fry 16

Jonah Man Jazz

Jonah Man Jazz 1
Jonah Man Jazz 2
Jonah Man Jazz 3
Jonah Man Jazz 4
Jonah Man Jazz 5
Jonah Man Jazz 6
Jonah Man Jazz 7
Jonah Man Jazz 8


Robots! 1
Robots! 2
Robots! 3
Robots! 4
Robots! 5
Robots! 6
Robots! 7
Robots! 8
Robots! 9
Robots! 10
Robots! 11
Robots! 12
Robots! 13
Robots! 14
Robots! 15
Robots! 16

Friction Experiment

Friction Experiment  1
Friction Experiment  2
Friction Experiment  3
Friction Experiment  4
Friction Experiment  5
Friction Experiment  6
Friction Experiment  7
Friction Experiment  8
Friction Experiment  9
Friction Experiment  10
Friction Experiment  11
Friction Experiment  12
Friction Experiment  13
Friction Experiment  14
Friction Experiment  15
Friction Experiment  16

Fishkeeper Fry

Fishkeeper Fry 1
Fishkeeper Fry 2
Fishkeeper Fry 3
Fishkeeper Fry 4
Fishkeeper Fry 5
Fishkeeper Fry 6
Fishkeeper Fry 7
Fishkeeper Fry 8
Fishkeeper Fry 9
Fishkeeper Fry 10
Fishkeeper Fry 11

PE- Gymnastics Balancing Moves

This week we have started our new learning about fractions in maths. Today we have been using practical resources to help us understand that finding fractions relates to division and we can use the method of grouping to help us visualise this.

Fraction Fun!

Fraction Fun! 1
Fraction Fun! 2
Fraction Fun! 3
Fraction Fun! 4
Fraction Fun! 5
Fraction Fun! 6
Fraction Fun! 7
Fraction Fun! 8
Fraction Fun! 9
Fraction Fun! 10
Fraction Fun! 11
Fraction Fun! 12
Fraction Fun! 13
Fraction Fun! 14
Fraction Fun! 15
Fraction Fun! 16
Fraction Fun! 17
Fraction Fun! 18
Welcome back to Spring Term! We have a lot going on this term in Class Three so please have a look at our learning overview below to see what we have planned! 
Picture 1
We had a busy DT week at the end of term where we designed and created bags which would be suitable for a rainforest explorer in the Amazon. We used a variety of stitches and skills to sew our bags and we produced some FANTASTIC examples! Have a look at our gallery below to see what we made!

Samba Group Performances

In music this week, we have worked in our team point groups to individually compose a short piece of samba music. Please watch and listen to our group performances and let us know what you think!

Birch Group

Still image for this video

Willow Group

Still image for this video

Visit from Reverend Roland

Visit from Reverend Roland 1
Visit from Reverend Roland 2

We were very lucky to have a visit from Reverend Roland this Friday on the 11th October! Our topic in RE this term is 'Called Upon By God' and we have been looking at people who have felt a calling from God. We have so far explored Moses and Abraham, prophets from the Old Testament. We have also looked at Mother Teresa who did wonderful things in her life by helping so many people in need. This week, we have been thinking and learning about members of the clergy who have also felt called upon by God.


We prepare questions for Reverend Roland so we could find out more information bout how he was called, what happened and how he felt about it. We learnt a lot and are very grateful for his visit to Class 3!

Measuring Time- Maths

Measuring Time- Maths 1
Measuring Time- Maths 2
Measuring Time- Maths 3
Measuring Time- Maths 4
Measuring Time- Maths 5
Measuring Time- Maths 6
Measuring Time- Maths 7
Measuring Time- Maths 8
Measuring Time- Maths 9
Measuring Time- Maths 10
Measuring Time- Maths 11
Measuring Time- Maths 12
In Maths this week we have been learning about time. Today we have done some practical work where we have estimated, recorded and compared the time it takes us to do certain activities. Have a look at us in action and see if you can work out what activities we are doing!
Class 3 have taken brilliantly to their Samba lessons with the Lancashire Music Service so far this term! They have been exploring a range of traditional instruments and are understanding how to use 'call and response' following the lead of the main instrument. Keep updated with our progress by checking back soon for an update!


Welcome back to our new school year! We are starting this first half term with our topic of 'Amazon Adventure' and the children have already made a great start to their learning. Please see Class Three's learning overview for more details about what the children will be learning across the curriculum this term.


Key Information for Autumn:

- The children will be starting their swimming lessons on Tuesday afternoons from 10th September. Please ensure they have their full swimming kit in school on this day.

- Our other PE lesson will take place on a Monday but PE kits should remain in school at all times in case this changes.

- Half termly homework grids will be sent out on Friday 13th September, these will be on the first page of your child's homework book (green/blue).

- Please complete the weekly homework task by no later than Thursday of each week and return to school.

- Reading books will be changed each day, as needed. Please ensure that reading records are signed on completion of a book, including comments where possible.


Picture 1

Fruit Tasting

Fruit Tasting 1
Fruit Tasting 2
Fruit Tasting 3
Fruit Tasting 4
Fruit Tasting 5
Fruit Tasting 6
Fruit Tasting 7
Fruit Tasting 8
Fruit Tasting 9
Fruit Tasting 10
Fruit Tasting 11
Fruit Tasting 12
Today we began our new ‘Up and Active’ PE sessions and we had a really great time! We started by learning about why physical activity was important for our bodies and we organised different activities into categories. After that, we warmed up with the Pirate Ship activity and then we played a game of Cat and Mouse where the aim wasn’t to be the winner but to engage in physical activity so our hearts were beating quickly and we were feeling out of breath!

Visit to Mellor Memorial

 Visit to Mellor Memorial  1
 Visit to Mellor Memorial  2
 Visit to Mellor Memorial  3
 Visit to Mellor Memorial  4
 Visit to Mellor Memorial  5
 Visit to Mellor Memorial  6

Welcome to Class Three!


Our class teacher is Miss Birch and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Fielding.

In our class we have 32 children, 20 year 3 and 12 year 4.

This year, we will also be taught for RE and Computing by Mrs Oddie every Thursday morning. Please visit our class page throughout the year to see updates and pictures of exciting things we have been doing in class!

We had a fabulous time on Thursday 25th April when we visited Mellor Church to take part in the 'Easter Experience'. We visited different stations which helped us learn and reflect on the events of Holy Week. Class Three would like to say a HUGE thank you to everybody who helped organised this brilliant afternoon, we loved taking part in the activities! Please have a look at our photographs to see what we got up to.

To end our topic 'Food, Glorious Food!' we baked our own hot cross buns and we enjoyed devouring them, as you can see! We have been learning all about food around the world and as part of our DT learning, we tasted and evaluated current products from supermarkets to help us design and create a recipe to make our own bun. We were able to apply our maths skills of measuring to make sure we followed our recipe accurately!


Music Lessons

Still image for this video

Victoria Barry Visit to Class Three

Victoria Barry Visit to Class Three 1
Victoria Barry Visit to Class Three 2
Victoria Barry Visit to Class Three 3
Victoria Barry Visit to Class Three 4
We had a great morning on Friday when Victoria Barry came to visit school. We really enjoyed listening to her story called ‘Darkmoor’. It was very exciting to have another author visit us in school to celebrate World Book Week. We have been inspired for our own story writing and it has been interesting to find out about the life of a real author! 

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
We have had a great day celebrating World Book Day in Class Three! The children all looked wonderful in their costumes and we have enjoyed a variety of different activities to celebrate our love of reading and books.

Author Visit

Author Visit 1
Author Visit 2
Author Visit 3
Author Visit 4
Author Visit 5
Author Visit 6
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Music Lessons


We have been doing so well with our music lessons that we have now moved on to writing our own music and creating patterns. Have a look at our note formation!

We really enjoy sharing our homework each week with other children in the class. We have been enjoying giving feedback and discussing each other's ideas.


Our homework always links to our topic theme and this week we had to design and create a menu using expanded noun phrases. We watched an M&S food advert before we started which gave us lots of ideas and inspiration for our own menu!

Science- Egg Experiment

Science- Egg Experiment  1
Science- Egg Experiment  2
Science- Egg Experiment  3
Science- Egg Experiment  4
Science- Egg Experiment  5
Science- Egg Experiment  6

We have been monitoring the effects that different liquids have on the shell of an egg. In our experiment, the egg shell represented the enamel of our teeth and we were investigating how liquids with varying amounts of sugar would change the egg. Have a look at the photographs to see what happened at the end of the experiment!


We have definitely enjoyed learning about teeth this term and how important it is to look after them.

Article 39

Article 39 1

This week, our School Council asked each class in the school to spend a morning limiting our resources and sitting in rows to imagine how school life can be around the world, particularly in countries where they don't have the luxuries that we have and quite often take for granted.


We had to share our pencils, we couldn't use our interactive whiteboard and our usual equipment was very limited. Although it was difficult, it made us realise how fortunate we are in our school and we also thought of ways we could help those in need.


We also got some brilliant collaborative work out of it!

Happy New Year!


Welcome back to our new school term and the start of 2019. We hope you have all had a lovely break. To see what learning will be taking place in Class 3 this term, please have a look at our learning overview below as well as our new homework grid for the first half of the spring term. This term, we also have an exciting new lesson where we will be learning yoga. This lesson will take place every Tuesday so please make sure you have a pair of jogging bottoms, shorts or gym leggings on this day.

Learning Overview- Spring Term 1

Save the Children- Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children- Christmas Jumper Day 1
In English, we have been writing our own stories based on the text, Time Spinner by Roy Apps. After we finished writing our new story, we enjoyed sharing them with a partner and discussing their ideas and what we enjoyed about their story. 

Making 3D Shapes

Making 3D Shapes 1
Making 3D Shapes 2
Making 3D Shapes 3
Making 3D Shapes 4
Making 3D Shapes 5
Making 3D Shapes 6
Making 3D Shapes 7
Making 3D Shapes 8
Making 3D Shapes 9
Making 3D Shapes 10
Making 3D Shapes 11
Making 3D Shapes 12
Making 3D Shapes 13
Making 3D Shapes 14
Making 3D Shapes 15
Making 3D Shapes 16
Making 3D Shapes 17
Making 3D Shapes 18
Making 3D Shapes 19
Making 3D Shapes 20
This week in maths, we have been learning all about shape. We have especially enjoyed making our snowmen by constructing 3D shapes from a net. Have a look at our designs and how we got on!

Dettol- Handy Helpers Project

 Maths- This week we have been learning about measurement and we have focused on measuring length. We have enjoyed working practically in the classroom using a variety of equipment to measure the length and perimeter of objects in metres, centimetres and millimetres. Have a look at our photographs to see what we’ve been doing.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Samba Music

Still image for this video
Listen to us doing our call and response activity on Friday!
We are really enjoying our Samba music lessons which we have every Friday afternoon through the Lancashire Music Service. Have a look at our photographs and take a look at us playing a range of musical instruments.

Remembrance Garden


This week at school, we have enjoyed creating our own special remembrance garden in the school playground to honour those who died in WW1. We have painted pebbles to display in the area and we have dedicated a special bench to the fallen soldiers of the war. We are going to use this area as a place to think, remember and reflect. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Autumn 2

Welcome back to our new term! This term we are starting a new topic which is called 'Earthlings' and we will be learning about all things space and science fiction! This term we will also be getting ready to celebrate Christmas so we have a lot of exciting things ahead.

Clay Poppies

Today we have had an exciting day because we had a special art lesson where we made clay poppies. We learnt techniques to make our poppy and then we were able to experiment with the clay.

Look at the picture below of our final poppy designs. What do you think? 



Science- Using thermometers to measure temperature.

Autumn 1- Learning Overview

Class 3- Blog

This term's topic is 'Water, Water Everywhere'. 



We are writing a Kenning poem this week and last week we looked at Haiku poems. Haiku poems can be made up as long as it has 5 syllables on the first line 7 on the second/middle and five again to end.

We learnt about place value this week and last week. We have been learning to round digits to the nearest 10 and 100 and 1000 for Year 4.



In Geography we have been learning about rivers. So far we have stuck a map in and labelled all the important and well known rivers in the world. We even have names of rivers for our table names.



We are still on the water topic about river Nile and Egypt  and the World War- we are exited!


By Florence and Eliza