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School Council

School Council 2019-20 

This year, our new School Council will be working with Mrs Harwood on projects linked to our school as well as charitable organisations.

We will also be taking part in Pupil Parliament discussions with our cluster schools (MOBBSSS), focusing on different articles from the UN's Rights Respecting Child Award.


Meet your School Councillors for 2019-20

Thank you COOP from our School Council



If you could be the Headteacher for just 1 day, What would you do?

This was the question asked to our new School Councillors in school. If you could change or enhance anything in school what would it be and why?


Meet this year's Councillors

1 Holly Jamaludeen
2 Aaliyah Ali-Murtaza
3 Niamh Charlotte
4 Mason Evie
5 Max Olivia
6 Fatimah Harrison


School Council Prayer

Dear God, as we come together for our school council meeting today, help us to be aware of the way you want us to live. Let us be considerate of each other’s views and opinions and help us to make decisions that are for the good of the whole school community and not just what we want for ourselves. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


Engaging children in charitable activities is becoming more and more important. The ‘Growing up Giving’ Parliamentary Inquiry suggests that “Teaching our young people to be selfless, to think of others ahead of themselves, and to support good causes – great and small – is as important as teaching them to read and write. It is an essential part of making sure our young people grow up to be full members of society.” Dr John Low Chief Executive Charities Aid Foundation.


School Council 2017-18

Our School Council 2017-18 are working with Mrs Brindle to promote ECO friendly ideas and initiatives in school. We currently recycle paper, plastic bags and batteries and donations of these are very welcome. This year we aim to work towards our Silver Eco Award as well as continue to provide a Pupil Voice to Mrs Embley-Peers for ideas and ways of making school even better.

For more information .... Watch this space...


School Council 2016-17

In 2016-17 the School Council worked with Mrs Embley-Peers to raise money for a number of charities including Macmillan Cancer, Children in Need, Bishop Harvest Appeal, Comic Relief,  Crohns and Colitis and the Ebstein Society. 


We  tried to keep our pupils safe with a Walk to School drive and a Parking Awareness week. We held a competition to design some parking tickets which was won by Oliver in Y6 . We then worked with Mrs Hindle and Mrs Embley-Peers to issue these to people who parked on Brundhurst Fold as a reminder about safe parking.

Through our 'Pupil Voice' we were able to meet with the Governors to discuss our thoughts on teaching and learning in school, including helping to choose the colours and design of our new school uniform. We also presented our ideas to FOSMS for improving the school disco.