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Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4! 

Our teacher is Mrs Harwood. Mrs Hounslow is our teaching assistant and is in Class 4 every morning supporting our learning. Mrs Fielding helps us in the afternoons.

In our class we now have 31 children altogether made up of Year 4 and Year 5 children.


Please have P.E. kits in school all week.  We will aim  to have  P. E. on Mondays and Wednesdays each week. The daily mile will take place every day so we will need trainers for when it's muddy.  In case of chilly weather, please bring a sweatshirt or fleece and tracksuit , leggings or jogging bottoms for outdoor lessons. 


Homework will be given out on a Friday and must be completed by the following Thursday so that we can look at the finished pieces before the next set is handed out. You can download our homework grid below.

Please check the Learning Overview for details of our learning throughout the year.


Keep checking our web page to find out what is going on in our class this year.


If you have any concerns or questions at all, please feel free to ring us at school or come in and talk to us (after school is usually best).




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Want to be a timestable rockstar? Keep practising and you might be able to challenge Mrs Harwood!
This week was anti-bullying week. We talked about the difference between bullying and conflict and who we can speak to if we feel we are being bullied. We also discussed bullies and how hard it is for forgive sometimes. Jesus taught us that forgiveness gives us peace.
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We worked as a group to find out about rainforest biomes. We have been looking at the different rainforest layers and the animals and plants that live there. They were so good we put them on our display.
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We have been learning about the Bible. We have so many questions we want to discover. What can you learn about other Holy books?

We have been learning about the Bible. We have so many questions we want to discover. What can you learn about other Holy books? 1
In English we have been designing our own stories about a mysterious ring and the rainforest. We have some amazing ideas. Where will your story take you?
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This week we have been doing our school council elections. Results will be in on Monday. We enjoyed using our polling station. 

Class 4's polling station

Class 4's polling station 1

We have been learning all about the different indigenous tribes of the Amazon Rainforest in our topic this term. As part of our English work we are reading The Vanishing Rainforest, a story about the threats tribal peoples face and the effects of deforestation. We are learning to tell the story orally. Can you remember the hand signals to help you? Can you teach someone in your family the story?


The Vanishing Rainforest


In the dense forest, Remaema saw trees being cut down.

Just then, her uncle arrived he had a machete and clothes from the nabe so the tribes people met in the Yano and they were angry.

Suddenly, her grandfather shouted.

Unfortunately, the nabe use fire and machines to chop down the forest but they needed tribal guides to help.

One morning, Remaema met a scientist called Jane. Luckily, she wanted to help the tribe.

The next day, a boy got sick but there were no vines left for medicine for the shaman so the tribes people were angry.

After that, a tribesman from the government came to speak. He persuaded them to use the forest for tourism.

In the end, the tribe asked tourists to their forest and Remaema saw peccaries returning.

Our dreams.

Our dreams. 1
We have been talking about having a Growth Mindset and what it means to dream. We have some fantastic ambitions! With the talents God has given us, we should always aim for the stars. 
Learning Overviews
Here is our learning overview for the next term. Do you know any Spanish rainforest vocabulary words we could add to our topic wall?
Last year in Class 4 with Mr Bent 
Class 4 have been studying rivers and how they meander. We then went outside and made our own rivers. Making sure they had strong banks and meandered all over the place.
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Following on from making the rivers. We made sure to test them.
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Class 4 have been to look at the local cenotaph in honour of the local people who have died in war. We found a name and then researched about them before creating "Poppy Crosses" in honour of them.
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Mr Rigby has been coming to teach us Samba music. We have done this in our new outdoor classroom.
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All about natural history

BBC bitesize has all the topics we cover in KS2 Test your recycling knowledge

Interactive online experiments

Science and D & T creations to make at home.

Various topics with interactive games.

Short films making it fun and easy for parents and children to do science experiments with common objects. It also gives an explanation of the science behind each activity.

Ideas for practical science at home.

Explore the largest natural world encyclopaedia online.

Fun activities to do.

Online games, learn about nature, have a wild story-time and take part in some fantastic competitions!

These activities and games help you practise some spelling rules and patterns.

Throughout the year, you can practise and improve your keyboarding skills.  This is a fun program and all the instructions are there for you, so you can enjoy developing your skills independently.  Good luck and have fun!

Dance Mat Typing