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Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

Learning Together

Class 2

Hello and Welcome to Class 2!

Class 2 is made up of 9 Year 1 and 21 Year 2 children who are taught by Mr Birchall and Miss Porter-Brown.

Mrs Marshall teaches Year 1 children in the morning for Phonics, English, Maths and Worship and then after lunchtime, they come back to do some more exciting learning with the rest of Class 2.


We have  lots of fun activities planned to help us learn through enjoyment!  We want every child to be happy.  That's our mission!


Please keep your eye on our class page for updates on your child's learning. 



Our class topic this term is 'What is Special about God's World?' 

The focus of this topic is the great outdoors, the seasons, plants and nature.

Here are some of our sunflowers. They have grown in all sorts of shapes and sizes. we have huge ones, medium sized ones and even some that have only just begun to germinate! Please send us some pictures of how your sunflower continues to grow!

We have had a wonderful walk today. We started the day by climbing the school fence and walking through the adjacent fields. On our way we looked at the different types of trees, the features and the animals found in the fields. We had to be very careful when crossing the stiles. When we arrived at the first location, we played some ring games then we built some wonderful shelters. After a while, we packed up leaving the area as it was before and made our way to the outskirts of 'Blue Bell Wood'. Here we sat and ate our picnic before playing some parachute games and having races. It was lots of fun!

A huge well done to these 2 girls. Arabella has earned a Blue Peter badge by playing 'Twinkle Twinkle' on her keyboard. Molly has been doing some superb swimming. Maybe we will have a professional swimmer and a pianist in the future!

Last week we had a visit by Mrs Ali. She talked to us about Islam, Ramadan and Eid. She told the children all about fasting and explained this is done to help them think about people who are less fortunate. Towards the end of the talk Mrs Ali explained that the fast is usually broken by eating a date. The children then got to try a date, they were delicious!

Our class caterpillars

We have some caterpillars in class. The children have been curious watching the caterpillars trying to make their way to the top where they will make their cocoon. We can not wait until they turn into beautiful butterflies.

Look how much our plants have grown!

Geography: Mapping School and a local walk

In our Geography we have been exploring maps of school and the local area. We have discussed what we could see from aerial photographs and used BAE Systems to find Mellor Brook. From this we found Mellor. The children then drew a detailed map of School.


We have also been on a local walk around the village, we walked past the church, vicarage, library, doctors and butchers. On our way around we noticed some of the street signs were related to farms. Over the next couple of weeks the children will be creating their own maps of Mellor.

What do plants need to grow?

In Science we have been investigating what a plant needs to grow. We planted some cress and changed a variable each time to see what would happen. The children decided to see if the cress would grow in the cold, in the dark, with no air, with no soil (Cotton wool instead) and with no water. 


In the end we discovered the plant would grow in the dark but it would be white and yellow because it didn't have enough nutrients. The plant with no water didn't grow and the plant in the cold grew a little bit. We discussed this and discovered our plant probably wouldn't grow if it was too cold.

How to plant a seed

After spending some time planting, the children told me how to plant the seed. I followed their instructions like a robot. At first the soil ended up on the floor, then the seed ended up in the bag of compost and finally I manged to plant the seed.  The children found this extremely funny and they realised their instructions had to be very precise!

Spring Posters

So far this half term we have been exploring plants and signs of Spring. This has involved planting seeds, exploring what plants need to grow and exploring the school grounds to see what happens to the seasons in Spring. We have even been lucky enough to see some tadpoles in the pond and have some caterpillars in class that will hopefully turn into beautiful butterflies.

We have recently had a fantastic visit from Mrs Book. She told us all about bees and how there is a Queen Bee who is in charge. She told the children that the female bees do all the jobs whilst the male bees fly off to find another Queen. She also explained that if the hive is attacked the female bees will kill the males and block up the hive entrance. This is to ensure the queen is protected.


As part of the talk the children got to see what protective clothing a bee keeper has to wear, where a bee lives and also taste some delicious honey!

Commemorating Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

We have been thinking about Prince Philip and have created some portraits to commemorate him.

We had a fantastic World Book Day.


On the day we explored different Traditional Tales including Thumbelina and Jack and the Bean Stalk.

In the afternoon we had a very special Engineering challenge. We had to create a special pouch to protect Jacks golden egg if it dropped out of his pocket. We used egg boxes, masking tape, cotton wool, paper and some other materials to see if we could protect the golden egg. At the end of the day, we dropped the eggs, some pouches passed the test but some failed and the egg cracked. Despite this we all had a cracking time!

Our new theme for Autumn 2020 is linked to families. Our big question this term is WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ME?

Websites to explore at home to enhance learning.

Please help your child to form their letters carefully when they are writing at home. From Year 1, we teach the children to flick into the top of the letter and then follow round , ending with a short flick.

Class 2 have all had handwashing training this week. Ask them how it should be done for infection protection.

At this time of year we start to see autumn leaves falling from the trees. We also have leaves as the symbols for our school team points. Look at these id sheets to have a go at matching leaves you find to the tree they fell from. Have fun!

We will be learning about our senses in Science this term.