BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER : All the best to our Year 6 leavers. May you all have a safe and happy holiday. School reopens on the 3rd September.
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Religious Education

Welcome to our R.E. page.  

R.E. and Worship combine in our school to be at the very centre of everything we are and everything we do.

The Big Frieze by Emma Yarlett

Websites that meet the children's needs and interest areas across the age range include BBC Bitesize - Religious Education.

In KS1, we have enjoyed using YouTube clips in our R.E. lessons to learn about living in Britain as a Jewish child, and celebrating Jewish festivals such as Sukkot, which is the Jewish Harvest Festival.  Try "Jumpin' Jerusalem" on YouTube for very entertaining and educational fun.


For KS2 children, why not try:

World religions for kids


Places of Worship on R.E. Online

to link with our work on understanding and respecting different world faiths.


We believe that everyone is special as a child of God, and we seek to understand different world faiths, respecting the devotion that people of all faiths show to God.



Our curriculum follows the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education R.E. Syllabus for Church Schools.  This is entitled Questful R.E., and is creative and challenging for our children in school.  It incorporates a programme of teaching called "Understanding Christianity," which is used nationally in Worship and R.E. across many dioceses.  "Understanding Christianity" bases Christianity within  a framework called "The Big Story," which develops an understanding of the Old Testament and the New Testament through ten core concepts:



Fall (The fall of man - people turning away from God)

People of God



Incarnation (the coming of Jesus)



Kingdom of God


The children explore these concepts in different ways, according to their age, throughout EYFS, KS1 and KS2. The ten themes of the "Big Story" are used in Worship (Assemblies) and R.E. which leads to a consistent message running through school, which we aim to apply to all areas of school life.


As part of our R.E. and Worship focus, Mrs. Marshall is setting up a Faith Group.  This will meet on Thursday lunch times.  The diocese has asked all schools to address their Vision as an organisation in which Christianity runs through the core of everything we do.  Part of the focus of the Faith Group is to gain children's insights into what our school should be like, in order to demonstrate our Christian lives, and define our Vision.  Issues such as reaching out to those who we may not easily consider to be our friends will be discussed, and posters will be created by the children to encourage sincere kindness, understanding, encouragement and generosity in  every aspect of our lives.