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11th May

This week you would have been sitting your SATs.

To follow what the week would have been like, I have set the same type of test you would have had, on the day that you would have had the test. 

To help you, I have set the end date two days later just in case you struggle to do them on the day that test would have been taken. 

If anyone has difficulty in accessing the tests, then please let me know and I will arrange a different format for you, if you still want to do them.


Please, please don't feel you have to do the tests. There is plenty to do in the Learning Project work as normal.


Stay safe.




Mrs Pickup x

SAT Test Timetable:
Subject M T W Th F

Grammar and


x       None
Spelling x       None
Reading   x     None
Arithmetic1     x   None
Reasoning2     x   None
Reasoning3       x None 


This is how we would have gone through the week in school. Remember I have given everybody extra days to do these tests. Good luck everyone but remember you do not have to do them.


For extra help with angles try the video:


This will take you to the actual lesson video but there is a pre learning quiz and activities as well, just use the 'back' and 'next' buttons.


Have a good week.