BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: From Monday, school will only be open for the children of key workers who cannot provide alternative child care arrangements any other way. Many families may have one parent keyworker and one that is not. There is an expectation from the Government that these children should be cared for at home. Please see the latest email / newsletter for further information. Remote learning pages will be updated on a weekly basis for children being educated at home.
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Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 everybody. I hope that this week's activities will keep you engaged and eager to learn. If you don't finish your activity carry it on, there is plenty of time. Remember that it is important to break up your day with rest and food and physical activity too. I will put a link to the Go Noodle website in the Physical activity star. Don't forget to Disco Brain! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)

 This week sees us researching Isaac Newton, consolidating some of our fraction work, researching artists and carrying out some science investigations. I will drop some videos on my channel once I have sorted out my camera (it's not playing at the moment.) Hope you are all taking care of yourselves. Keep smiling. I am thinking of you all .

Mrs Homework x