BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: For information about COVID procedures in school please see: Key Information - Return to School Sept 2020 tab. Please adhere to the bubble start times Year 6 (8:30am) Year 3,4,5 (8:45am) Reception, Year 1 and 2 (9am). Please arrive 5 mins before your starting time to avoid pupils and parents congregating on Brundhurst Fold. Only one adult to drop off or collect a pupil from school. Siblings can arrive together at the latest sibling drop off time. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe. Remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE !.
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Learning Together

Week 1

You can find the weekly plans and resources for English and maths on the main Remote Learning page for Class Three. This space will be used for adding additional learning and home ideas that you can use in your creative time.



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This week I have assigned you 3 non-fiction books:

- Magnetism

- Levers

- Pulleys

They all link to our science topic of forces and they have a quiz at the end to check your understanding! I am able to see all the books you are reading and there are some great choices so far! You have free access to all the books on the website so feel free to explore a range of new texts and genres in addition to what you have been assigned.



Creative Learning

Please look at this week's grid for additional home learning activities to do in your free time. You can choose any of the activities in any order. It could be that you choose one activity and spend your time working on that each day as a small project or you might choose a selection of activities and spend equal time on each of them.

Live Streaming Lessons

Online Learning- Live Streaming Lesson Timetable

Fish Update 1

Hopefully you received the message to let you know that we have some new baby additions to our aquarium! I have uploaded a photograph below- can you spot the new arrivals? They are so tiny at the moment and really hard to get a photograph of. Why don't you research into the life cycle of a fish to see how they have ended up arriving in our tank? Let me know what you find out.