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Ribble Valley Arts Grant

Dear Ribble Valley Primary School


I am contacting you to ask for your assistance in getting information out to your pupils and their families regarding grants that are available from Ribble Valley Borough Council. The Arts Excellence Grants are designed to assist young talented performer’s progress in their chosen activity. Please could you forward this information to the relevant teachers that deliver Music, Song, Dance, Drama or PE to your pupils.


The main aim of the scheme is to help with the cost of tuition, travel and equipment. To be eligible the young people should be over the age of 9, in full time education & live in Ribble Valley.

Grants are available for the following performance arts activities:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Instrumental Music
  • Singing


How you can help!

As you deliver elements of Arts within your school you may be aware of students that would benefit. The deadline for applications is the 31st January 2020. Please can you help us get this information to the pupils and their families. Possible options:

  • You can request information leaflets to be dropped off at the school for you to hand out. (let me know how many you would require and I can drop them off)
  • Print off the attached application form / poster and hand out to pupils.
  • Forward the attached application form to families by email.
  • Forward this web link to families so that they can apply online or download an application form


If you know of any other people that this may be relevant to please feel free to forward this information e.g. choir leaders, dance tutors, music tutors. If you have any questions do get in touch.


Many thanks


Katherine Rodgers

Ribble Valley Borough Council

Arts Development Officer


01200 414556

Days Of Work: Tuesday 9.45-17.00, Wednesday 9.30 – 14.30, Thursday 9.45 – 17.00

Facebook: @ArtsDevelopmentRVBC Twitter: @RVBCArtsDev 

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