BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: From Monday, school will only be open for the children of key workers who cannot provide alternative child care arrangements any other way. Many families may have one parent keyworker and one that is not. There is an expectation from the Government that these children should be cared for at home. Please see the latest email / newsletter for further information. Remote learning pages will be updated on a weekly basis for children being educated at home.
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Class 2

We will not be setting specific home learning during the Easter holiday but please have a look at the Easter activity booklet or any of the many other ideas we have suggested in the links on the website. Now is the time to follow your own interests and work on your own topic. You could log in to Epic library, Mathletics or Numbots too.

We will continue with zoom meetings throughout the holiday if you wish to join us on Mondays at 11am and Fridays at 11am. Please see email for the ID and passwords. 

Whilst school is closed if you need to contact Mrs Marshall and Mrs Rigby directly, you can do so at : or

Hello children!  We hope you have all enjoyed spending time with your families and had the chance to get some fresh air and play in your gardens.   Don't forget to do some writing, reading and maths every day but leave some time for having fun and being creative.

We would love to hear from you. Please write an email to us.

We will be updating the resources and information on here regularly. The daily Maths and English work will be added weekly so click on the weekly stars. You don't need to print everything out, you can just put responses on paper or in your book.

There are plenty of ideas for other subjects too. Just click on the links.

Please email us with any work you'd like us to see or to ask any questions. We'll try our best to answer on the same day. 

Now would be a good time to practise your skills at home with parents. Can you do your own shoelaces? Make a sandwich? Bake a cake?  Do the washing up? Tell the time? Dust and hoover? 

We are enjoying seeing your photos to see what you've been up to. Please keep sending them in.

How are your home learning topics going? You can use the reference library on Epic to help you find information.

Sky and Jasper are the children who have put the most effort into Mathletics this week. smileysmiley

Well done to Amelia and Jake who have spent the most time reading on Epic this week. smiley

We've noticed that Umair, Lauren and Grace have been busy reading too. smileysmileysmiley This is for you.

We'll be looking to see what you're reading and awarding smiley for the children who are reading frequently. Details for Epic log in are below.

We have asked all of the children to choose their own home learning topic to do whilst school is closed. This can be a project of their own choice. They can do research, write information, draw pictures, add photos, etc and use their new "topic" book for recording that. We look forward to seeing all your personal topic books when we return to school.

To start each day, it would be a good idea to take part in the live PE lesson at 9:00am. 


Photos of our class working at home. Email your photos to Mrs Rigby.

Websites for extra activities.

For Science in the next two weeks, please explore The Emporer's New Clothes activity on the BP website. 

  • - open the BPES website:
  • - click on 'Enter a student code' (top right on all pages if you are not logged in)
  • - enter the code below.

        Student code: 44394

Please talk through the slides with your child. The notes and questions are under the slides. 

Further ideas for follow up:

Take a walk outside and look for signs of Spring. Take some photographs for evidence.

If possible, record the temperature daily. Maybe you could plot the temperature on a graph?

Make a weather chart together.

Go on a Spring spotting journey or a Spring scavenger hunt. (see below)

Visit    for other ideas.


As we are in the season of Lent and approaching Easter, we feel that it is very important that the children learn about this amazing Christian festival.  Here are some R.E. powerpoints along with some activities.

We have signed up for EPIC which is an online library. It has a huge selection of books so your child can continue to enjoy reading independently. There are also books with read aloud versions. Children can choose fiction or non- fiction and can choose topics they are interested in. 

We can see what the children have been reading at home and can make suggestions as to what to read next. 

EPIC is free to use at the moment so please sign up as soon as possible. Sign up details are below. Please note that it seems to only work for free during the school day.

For Class 1 children, please see your code on Class 1 page.

For laptops/ chromebooks:

1. Open up your web browser 

2. Go to

3. Log in with your class code evc1950

4. Select your child's name and they’re in! 

For iOS/ androids:

1. First launch the Epic app

2. Select “Have an account? Log In” then click “Students & Educators”

3. Log in with your class code evc1950

4. Select your child's name and they’re in!

Happy Reading !

Great resources for phonics, reading and spelling are available on Phonics Play. Just type Phonics Play into Google. In order to access all the activities our school login is:

username msmcep 

password school

Year 1 children mainly work on Phases 3, 4 and 5 and Year 2 children will benefit from activites on Phase 6.


Another great free internet resource is Crickweb.  Please just type Crickweb into Google and click on Key Stage 1. Lots of activities related to all school subjects will be available for your child to explore on screen.  No paper or printing out is required.

All children can continue to use Mathletics and can now access Numbots with the login they have been issued at school.