BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: Starting 2nd November our new PARENT PAY cashless system will be in operation. For information about COVID procedures in school please see: Key Information - Return to School Sept 2020 tab. Please adhere to the bubble start times Year 6 (8:30am) Year 3,4,5 (8:45am) Reception, Year 1 and 2 (9am). Please arrive 5 mins before your starting time to avoid pupils and parents congregating on Brundhurst Fold. Only one adult to drop off or collect a pupil from school. Siblings can arrive together at the latest sibling drop off time. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe. Remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE !.
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Learning Together

Class 2

Year 1 common exception spellings to learn.

Year 2 common exception spellings to learn.

Websites for extra activities.

Great resources for phonics, reading and spelling are available on Phonics Play.


Year 1 children mainly work on Phases 3, 4 and 5 and Year 2 children will benefit from activites on Phase 6. Further information on phonics and reading can be found by clicking the Phonica and Reading star on the main remote learning page.  Any parent who needs help with phonics is welcome to email Mrs Marshall. 



If you are working at home THIS WORK IS FOR YOU!

This week in English we are writing a story about a magic pencil.  Read through the PowerPoint with mummy or daddy and have a go together at writing a wonderful, exciting story.  When you come back to school, we would love it if you could share your story with us.

In maths, we are busy learning about numbers to 20 and finding out about Tens and Ones - Place Value.  Have a go at these lessons from Oak Academy.

Please Google Oak Academy.  It is really easy to click on the lessons you need. Click on "Lessons", then click on "Subjects", then"Key Stage 1," then "Maths."  You will find a section of 10 lessons on "Numbers to 20."  They are really fun - so please enjoy them together!