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Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

Learning Together

27th April


My Mum’s thoughts

There is a worldwide issue,

Meaning people need a tissue.

This crisis has occurred

Even though, I would have preferred

To continue in a normal way

And now all food is in delay.


I want to keep my family safe and well

But people make me want to yell,

When there’s no more food in store

Because they keep buying more and more.

When will we be safe from this?

When can I see those I miss?


Although, it has been quite fun,

Watching the children run,

Cooking and baking are things that we take pleasure in

Making sure none goes in the bin.

The weather has been sunny,

And some activities we’ve done are funny.


At least if we decide

We want to go outside

The garden’s ours to use

But people are always watching the news.

We’re not often allowed out to roam

So we will stay safe inside our home.




An eagle uses the sky as its map,

To show the way from above.

With its wingspan measuring 1.8-2.3metres,

I am sure that would be something I would love.


To get another’s attention,

They give a recognisable call,

This comes out of their beaks,

Which are ever so tall.



My Dad- Key worker as Network Engineer

Rising early in the morning,

While the world stands still,

Making sure people are connected,

Is my one and only will,


Life is so unpredictable,

The fear of the unknown,

Letting out my frustration,

With a very little groan,


Coming home to my girls,

With a smile on my face,

Knowing that their mother is with them,

Yes! She is an ace,


You are a mother, teacher, an entertainer,

A nurse and a chef too,

  My daughters and I are so grateful,

That we have a Mother, Wife like you!