BELIEVING, LEARNING AND SHARING TOGETHER: School closes for half term on Thursday 22nd Oct. Starting 2nd November our new PARENT PAY cashless system will be in operation. For information about COVID procedures in school please see: Key Information - Return to School Sept 2020 tab. Please adhere to the bubble start times Year 6 (8:30am) Year 3,4,5 (8:45am) Reception, Year 1 and 2 (9am). Please arrive 5 mins before your starting time to avoid pupils and parents congregating on Brundhurst Fold. Only one adult to drop off or collect a pupil from school. Siblings can arrive together at the latest sibling drop off time. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe. Remember HANDS, FACE, SPACE !.
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Learning Together

20th April



My mum = social worker (key worker)


Life is suddenly different, 

And were all stuck in at home,

We’re all well at the moment,

So I shouldn’t really moan!


Life seems more scary,

And the fear of the unknown,

Makes me feel sad,

But I am not alone.


I am a Social Worker,

And work is really hard,

It’s tough to juggle phone calls,

When the girls are being mard!


I am really lucky though,

To have more time together,

Playing games and going for walks,

Thank goodness it’s been nice weather!

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