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11th May


A Lions Day  

As the evening elapses and the night ascends  

She is ready to convey food to the Lion’s den 

Green grass, green trees and night vision are all she needs.  

Hungry and angry ready to feed. 

She silently tiptoes 

She hides and sneaks 

She stalks her prey 

Without giving a peak 

Careful she is, careful she moves, going to hunt - ready to improve. 

                 Enemies and Predators come out of the blue                                                                                             

 Hyena, leopards and black jackals just to name a few.  

Getting ready to chase her prey, as she wonders  

Ready to roar as loud as thunder  

Along she goes with her pride, ready to kill 

With her pack alongside.  




Still image for this video



Here is Jessica's detective story so far - 


Death on the doorstep


Chapter 1

The secret room


If the room hadn’t been covered in a blanket of dust then really it would have looked quite lovely – except for the fact that there were no windows anywhere. It looked quite uninhabited; there was an ornate, silver jug with an intricate pattern covering it, in desperate need of a polish and although it rested on the cabinet – where it ought to be – a spider had fashioned a web on the inside of the handle. This was not the only web for there were hundreds of wispy cobwebs dangling down from the ceiling and an unoccupied one stretching across the width of the room.


Just like the rest of the room, the floor was hidden by years’ worth of grime except; there were two clear sets of footprints that led to the bookcase but only one that came back to the door. If you were an extremely observant person then you would know that if you looked close enough behind the bookcase you would notice a thin, gold door handle. However, not many people dared go that close because the room behind it reeked through the door of only one thing. 



This is where we found ourselves on the morning after the murder. But before I continue it’s probably best if I explain how we came to be here and who we are.

My name is Ella, Ella Wright, and Isabel and I have travelled all the way from a small country town in Lancashire to here beside the beach in Cornwall. We are staying at The Seaside Hotel for two weeks with Isabel’s parents – as I am writing this, Isabel is urging me to continue to the exciting bit, so I will.



Chapter 2

The discovery


It was raining outside three days ago, Isabel and I weren’t sure what we should do, so we went to have a look around – there is not much to see despite the restaurant and the pool because we couldn’t go outside (and we didn’t fancy swimming). After this, we were so busy trying to think of a game that Isabel bumped into Lady Anne Roberts and I only just managed to dodge Mr Roberts, her husband. Even after that, we weren’t looking properly and accidentally went into the wrong room: the secret room. It looked almost exactly like how I described it earlier in this recount only without either set of footprints. This had been the most exciting part of the day but of course it was not going to last. We heard a cough from behind us, it was Mr Roberts. 

He eyed us suspiciously and bellowed, “You! Maid, whatever your name is. These children should not be here, should they?” as if daring her to argue. So the shaken maid came and ushered us away.