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Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

Learning Together

Mission Statement

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Welcome to Mellor St Mary CE Primary School

Mission Statement:

“Where everyone belongs and does their best, with Jesus in our hearts,

work and play.”


Our Core Values

  • At Mellor St Mary, Church of England Primary School, we aim to provide a safe, happy Christian environment with a high quality of care to all of our members.

  • The Christian faith and its teachings will be the basis for every aspect of life at our school. This school is distinguished by the support of its entire staff, for its Christian foundation, promoting a sympathetic understanding of Christianity and other faiths.

  • We actively promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs through our Christian values lived out on a daily basis.

  • We will nurture the spiritual development of all members of the school community and promote mutual respect and responsibility.

  • We will provide effective teaching of the National Curriculum, encouraging the highest achievement for each child.

  • We will value the contribution each child makes to the life of the school and take account of individual’s needs.

  • This school has strong links with home and Parish Church, maintaining an effective balance between service to the Church and service to the community.

  • At Mellor St Mary Church of England Primary School, we promote an ethos of excellence and endeavour for all, in a caring and Christian setting.

We believe that ' with God all things are possible'  (Matthew 19:26)