Thank you to all those who supported and helped out at the Autumn Fair and Remembrance Day celebrations this weekend. Please check out the Remembrance videos in the Video Resource Centre page . Don't forget it is Children In Need Pyjama day on Friday.
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Holiday List 2017-18

Holiday List 2017-2018


Autumn Term 2017

Teacher Day Friday 1st September 2017

Re-open Monday 4th September 2017

Half-term Friday 27th October – Friday 3rd November 2017 (inclusive)

Closure after School on Friday 22nd December 2017

Number of days open 74


Spring Term 2018

Re-open Monday 8th January 2018

Half-term Monday 12th February–Friday 16th February 2018

Closure after School on Friday 23rd March 2018

Number of days open 50


Summer Term 2018

Re-open Monday 9th April 2018

May Day Holiday Monday 7th May 2018

Half-term Friday 25th May – Monday 4th June 2018 (inclusive)

Closure after School on Thursday 19th July 2018

Number of days open 66


Total number of days open 190

Approved by Governors 7th November 2016